How big are our plants?

April 21, 2021
This is a great question and one we welcome being asked. Because we sell a well priced plant we get a lot of people asking how big our plants are because they're priced similar to root trainer or 5cm pot grades. In this video we dispel the myth that a well lower priced plant...
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We live in an age where people want quick results.  That's fair enough as you've put a lot of hard work in to your planting, even if you're growing a forest which is going to last for thousands of years you will still want it to look good now!So how do you ensure those ...
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As you will have likely picked up by now, our main motivation is getting trees planted as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  Breaking down the barriers for people to establish native plantings on their land.A big part of that is growing our plants efficientl...
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What's in a name?

March 29, 2021
I have the absolute privilege of being guardian of this beast of a Rimu. It stands tall, high on the hill at the top of my farm in a small patch of virgin bush that seems to have been spared the woodsman’s axe. There are also massive Tawa and Pukatea but there is no doubti...
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Sourcing the best seeds

March 1, 2021

​What is sourcing the best seeds and why does it matter?

You've probably heard of "eco sourcing" if you've had much to do with buying native plants.  Broadly speaking that's collecting seeds from the same area that you're going to plant them in.  There are two reasons why that is importantIt protects the unique feat...
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I have to admit that there was once a time that I couldn't tell these two apart - That's why I'm keen to share this information as I think lots of kiwis still lump both of these plants in to the "Ti Tree" category.   There are three simple tricks that I u...
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