If you've got an area which you'd like to Restore to Native Vegetation but are not sure you want to go through the hassle of selecting trees, spraying and planting then we can take care of everything for you in 4 easy steps as outlined below. 

Full service spray/plant for $5+GST per plant


Work out the area to be planted.

Select the tree species that best fit the site and the owner's goals


Spot spray (included in our price)

Ensure all stock removed

Make sure there is access for plant delivery


Our team will show up and plant all trees using the correct method.

We will generally plant around 1000/day 

Post Plant Care

One release spray is normally enough for most native plants. 

We can offer a spring time release spray for 60c per plant 

All of that for.... $5+GST per plant

This includes all of the below 

  1. Planning - We'll come to site and help you plan the right balance and number of plants if required
  2. Prepare - Pre spray (included in our price) and advise on any special access requirements
  3. Planting - Our team of experienced planters will show up and put all trees safely in their forever home
  4. Post Plant Care - We can complete a release spray - in most cases we charge 60c per plant for this 

Where the project is less than 1000 plants we will need to provide a quote as a part of planning as the $5+gst per plant option may not be viable.


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