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Standard grade plants - $2.50+GST

(500-600mm tall in tray of 28)

Smaller grades from $2+GST per plant
Special Grades (1 litre pots) - $6+GST per plant

We're a wholesale nursery so minimum order is 250 plants



Kāramu (Coprosma Robusta) is the perfect Coprosma species to have your revegetation project.

It grows very fast so establishes well in the first few years with it's vibrant dark green leaves.

It prolifically fruits in autumn with orange berries which are devoured by Tūī and Kererū alike and are a very important food source.

This helps dispersal of these seeds to build up other regenerating areas but also brings in seeds from larger forest trees.

I'd recommend this plant for every revegetation project given it's versatility.

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