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Tree Lucerne


Tree Lucerne is somewhat of an interloper in our Native Nursery but I can assure you it has its place in your native plantings.

It is a very fast growing species and will outpost almost all natives in a revegetation project.  However it is short lived and will die out in 10-15 years once natives are established and competing for light in the canopy.

The value it adds in establishment is 3 fold 

1) Fast growing so is ideal for second year follow up planting to fill in gaps

2) Food for birds and bees.  Prolific flowers in May-July when food is short is perfect for birds and bees.  Kereru gorge themselves on the leaves in winter which leads to the third benefit

3) Seed dispersal. Because Kereru feed on the leaves in late autumn and winter as the big forest trees fruit is finishing they will bring in the seeds of Kahikatea, Titoki, Miro etc and drop them below the Tree Lucerne. Eventually these forest giants will push through and you have a perfect forest.

I don't think any native revegetation project would be complete without including a number of Tree Lucerne 

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