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Standard grade plants - $2.50+GST   |   (500-600mm tall in tray of 28)

Smaller grade plants - $2+GST per plant   |   (450-500mm tall in tray of 40)

Special Grades (1 litre pots) - $5.50+GST per plant

We're a wholesale nursery so minimum order is 250 plants

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Mānuka is the cornerstone of most revegetation projects.

It is extremely versatile as it will grow anywhere from swampy conditions to dry hillsides.  

It grows fast and survives well no matter what is being thrown at it.

There is the obvious upside of the value of Mānuka honey and when planting larger areas this is to be considered for a return on your investment in planting.

Although the Mānuka Shrub itself does not provide food directly for birds, its flaky bark harbours a lot of insects and that's while you'll often see Fantails flitting about in Mānuka and Kānuka, catching bugs.

An important plant for your project and depending on the site it could make up a large percentage of the plants you plant. 

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