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How do I make my planting look great, fast?!

We live in an age where people want quick results.  That's fair enough as you've put a lot of hard work in to your planting, even if you're growing a forest which is going to last for thousands of years you will still want it to look good now!

So how do you ensure those rapid visual gains?  Here are our three top tips

Increase plant density

A lot of farmers will push out plant spacing to ~2m but if you spend a bit more and plant at 1.5m spacing then you'll have more trees filling in the gaps between quicker.  

We cover more on plant density in another blog.  Check the "blog" link at the top of the page.

Release plants

Releasing the plants in the first spring/summer is an important part of not only plant survival but to have your plants thrive.

This can be done by either spraying around the plant to kill the grass/weeds or by hand if you prefer, pulling the grass away.  

Less competition = faster growth = a better look!

The right species

The right species for your specific site are always important but selecting fast growing species to give you those quick gains can put you ahead of the game.

Below is a table from a Landcare Research study showing the plants which give the most biomass above and below ground within the first 5 years of planting.

We can put together a package of fast growing varieties to suit your site so you feel the warm buzz of those visual rewards as soon as possible.

As always, I'm keen to talk about your plant needs so click here to contact us today.

Adam and the Restore Native team 


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