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Why our trees grow in trays

As you will have likely picked up by now, our main motivation is getting trees planted as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  Breaking down the barriers for people to establish native plantings on their land.

A big part of that is growing our plants efficiently in 28 cell trays.

Here are the key reasons why we do this 

Aggressive roots - The cell trays have groves in them which train the roots downwards and build a strong root ball which allows the plant to rocket away once planted out and limit transplant shock. You don't need to tease the roots out or worry about circular roots like you do in normal pots.

Ease of transport - Being able to shift 28 plants at once (or 56 if you're feeling strong) means you can get more plants per ute/truck load and get them to their planting site easier.  Less time and labour spent carting and more spent planting.

Ease of planting - Because of the shape and size of the root ball it's very easy to plant our plants.  Either a quick cross with a spade in the ground and drop in or bore a hole if conditions suit.  No digging a bit hole just for one plant.  We think these are 3-5 times faster than 1 litre pots.

More efficient in the nursery - Because they're easier to cart, stack and plant in they are much more efficient in the nursery.  That means we can grow them cheaper and pass those savings on to you.

These are just some of the main benefits and we're sure you'll enjoy planting a lot more using our plants.

We'd love to help you with your project so get in touch with Adam today to discuss your tree needs. 

Adam and the Restore Native Team.


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