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What's in a name?

I have the absolute privilege of being guardian of this beast of a Rimu. It stands tall, high on the hill at the top of my farm in a small patch of virgin bush that seems to have been spared the woodsman’s axe. There are also massive Tawa and Pukatea but there is no doubting who the patriarch of this forest is and that’s why he is embodied in the centre of our logo.

So why Restore?

Well simply put that’s what we’re trying to do. Any piece of erosion prone farmland or swampy stream bank was once cloaked in the most beautiful natural fabric there is.. pristine native bush.  We’re now seeking to return that cloak and protect that land that perhaps should have never been cleared in the first place.

and it’s not just the trees we’re restoring. As they thrive then so does the life in the streams which are shaded and not clogged with sediment. The birds return and start the cycle of carrying seeds and allowing the forest to take hold.

As a farmer myself there is another big thing that planting marginal land restores, that is pride.  I don’t think any farmer enjoys seeing animals trodding around in the deep mud of swampy areas. Nor do they rejoice as animals slip and slide on steep slopes and I know for certain they tire of the constant battle with gorse and blackberry on this marginal land.  I take immense pride in the restoration work we have done on our farm and often stop to bask in that change and watch that ecosystem flourish, in fact, I am sure every farmer feels the same.

So that’s why we’re here. To make the process of restoring those areas on farms that are not suited to farming, back to their former glory. And we do that in these four ways

Advice on the best mix of species to suit the area you want to plant

Supplying vigorous plants that will thrive

Minimising the cost hurdle. We understand the budget constraints of farming and caring for the environment

A flexible service - we can simply supply the plants or we can do everything from planning through preparing the site, supplying plants, planting and release spraying 

If this fits with your philosophy and we can help you on your journey of planting (big or small projects) then get in touch.  I'd love to help! 


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